Harbortown Rotary has supported several students annually ($1,000 per student) for this Bolivia Dream fund that is run by Mano a Mano Bolivia.  This was scholarship fund was started years ago by Matt Thibodeau and Earl Rogers with three Duluth Rotary Clubs in 2000.  Harbortown may be the only Rotary club still supporting it now. 
Since 2001, as part of the support for education, Man a Mano run a program of partial scholarships for students called "Dream Project", aimed at young people with good performance in their studies, coming from rural or peri-urban areas and from large families or those with financial needs. Selected students receive partial scholarships to study at technical institutes or university, with a duration of 3 to 5 years of study. The work of Mano a Mano Bolivia in different areas (infrastructure development in health, schools, and roads, education and provision of medical supplies), allows us to reach remote rural communities with poverty and a lack of educational options, meaning the continuation of this program has great social importance.
Students receive monthly financial support for their studies, and through comprehensive training workshops and volunteer activities organized by Mano a Mano Bolivia, students have the opportunity to acquire and develop values which contribute their personal, family, work, and social development.
By the end of 2020 a total of 58 students have graduated as professionals. 9 young people are currently studying in this program.
Information received by Karl Everett and excerpts taken from the Mano a Mano Dream Fund Proposal. Photograph by Karl Everett.