On April 22nd, Segundo Velasquez with Mano a Mano shared some exciting updates regarding the impact of the water project in the valley of Cochabamba, Bolivia that was completed in 2012. 
Below is an excerpt from the touching story:
Our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo completed the Jusku Molle reservoir project in 2012. This reservoir provides 350 Bolivian families with sufficient water to irrigate their crops. It can hold 50,000 cubic meters of water and irrigates about 741 acres of land (the reservoir is roughly the size of 3 football fields).
A letter was recently translated from the people of the area about the impact this water project has had on their lives: “I am grateful to those people who helped us with this project. Thanks to them we can irrigate our corn. We have some to eat and some to sell. Otherwise, when we need something from the market, what would we do to survive.” Doña Maxima Ricaidez
Karl Everett and several other Rotarians were able to take part in several projects in South America.  "This was my first trip (2013) to Bolivia with Rotarians Mike Cochran, Keith Brokke, Blake Crosby, Warren Bender, Scott Neustel and others; and got me and other Rotarians interested in your projects, to provide assistance to needy Bolivians. Rotarians have helped with the construction of these water reservoirs, but also schools, roads, water wells; and a dozen medical clinics, working with Dr. Jose Velasquez of Mano a Mano Bolivia."
Photo Credit: Karl Everett