For most of us, 2020 went down as memorable with some aspects truly challenging and other aspects richly rewarding in opportunities to serve and connect! As we start the New Year, our District Conference Committee, with the support of District Executives, has determined that due to the uncertainty of the safety of large group gatherings, the 2021 Rotary District Conference will be held virtually. We are hopeful that health officials will allow us to incorporate locally held in-person events in conjunction with the virtual district-wide meeting. 
Going virtual also allows a change of format using an approach similar to the Virtual RI 2020 Convention and makes our district conference accessible for ALL Rotarians in D5580. Our genuine hope is to have a very high percentage of our 2,550+ Rotarians joining in.  The plan is to expand the conference from three days to six days but limit the presentation and networking times to specific times each day, providing optimum opportunity for Rotarians to participate. 
Everyone on the planning committee is excited to deliver a truly outstanding conference and make it accessible to every Rotarian in District 5580. We already have some fantastic speakers lined up and cannot wait to share the agenda with you!
Story Courtesy of District 5580 Conference Committee