On Wednesday, April 21st, the day before the official Earth Day, 17 Harbortown Rotarians, friends and family gathered at the Waabizheshikana segment of the Western Waterfront Trail.  Armed with trash bags, trash pickers, gloves and mud boots, we spread out in teams to tackle the clean-up of the various trails along the St. Louis River. Everything from bottles to plastic wrappers to an empty carton of goat milk and a creepy dirty doll body were removed from the lovely trail sides and packed up in bags to be picked up at the main parking lot.
It was a lovely sunset over the river and a chance for Rotarians to reconnect with friends and other members we've not seen in person in quite some time - all while doing a small favor for the planet and our community. Several Rotarians were even thanked by local residents for the help in keeping the trails clean and preserved for others to enjoy.
The event wrapped up with over 75 pounds of trash collected and representing over 12 acres of area impacted by the cleaning efforts. Thank you to all members who showed up in large numbers to make an impact this Earth Day!
Photo Credit: Karl Everett, Charity Johnson, Heather Salfer, Carl Maki