Harbortown's International Service Committee is getting close to completing the fund raising for the Viente de Septiembre clinic and will hopefully then receive grant approval. Karl Everett spoke with Jose Velasquez and Segundo about the project schedule, and Mano-a-Mano believes they could complete the project in four months,with a Rotary visit to Bolivia to attend the dedication of the clinic in mid-April.
A possible trip would leave from Miami on Thursday, April 13th and arrive in Cochabamba on Friday, April 14th, returning  around April 22nd. Currently BOA flights from Miami to Cochabamba are $670.00 round-trip. Estimated travel costs would total less than $2,500. However, there are a lot of "ifs" involved in the timing and travel, and hopefully the grant is approved. 
Harbortown has six medical clinics, two water wells, water reservoir follow-up, and Bolivia Dream Fund students to visit. Harbortown representatives probably need to split up into two groups to visit all the projects. Segundo will not be there in April as he is planning to travel there in mid-March and again in mid-May (also potential travel dates), but he said he would make arrangements for April and provide others as tour guides, and Jose would be there. Karl's thought is to limit the Harbortown group size to a dozen, with another option to arrange a future trip in October 2023.  Please Karl Everett know if you are interested in attending and which travel dates you may prefer.