The District 5580 Rotary Friendship Exchange (RFE) committee is now accepting applications for an exchange with District 5850 to Austin, Texas, April 1st – April 10th, 2022. The RFE program is funded by the participants, but travel costs are kept low with lodging and many meals provided by Rotarian host families. Please visit the RFE webpage on the District website to find out more. 
The application form is available on the RFE webpage, as well as criteria for team selection. The exchange team is limited to 5 couples; lodging is double occupancy. Please see the criteria for team selection for a full explanation. The application deadline for this exchange to Austin, Texas is January 19, 2022.
Visit or look under Avenues of Service/International/Friendship Exchange on the District 5580 website.
Please contact the District 5580 Friendship Exchange Chair, Laurie Lewandowski directly with any questions or to request additional information: / 218-849-2402.