Rob Stenberg, President of Duluth BizPAC August 1 Speaker

A recently formed political action committee, called Duluth BizPac, aims to create a more business-friendly Duluth.

The group is largely made up of area business owners and funded by donations.

Leaders of the group say several recently passed ordinances within the city are not business friendly and they aim to change that. 

"Duluth is not perceived as a business-friendly community, and that's what we want to change, and that is going to mean some city councilors are not going to get our support," said Rob Stenberg, the president of Duluth BizPac. 

Stenberg says, with cash on hand, they are prepared to start funneling money to help, what he calls "more business-friendly candidates" get elected for city council, mayor and county commissioner. 

"We're going to do it in a positive way, and we're going to be a positive change agent for the city of Duluth," said Stenberg. "What we're trying to say, from the Duluth BizPac is, 'We're not going to get into the name calling, we're not going to get into personalities, we're going to support those initiatives that are business friendly for the city of Duluth, we're going to oppose those that are not business friendly, and we're going to do it in a respectful manner," he said........