The Will and The Way: A book about Duluth’s leaders who helped shape Duluth into what it is today
Author of the first volume of The Will and the Way Donn Larson  with former Duluth Mayor Don Ness (Ordean Foundation) join us on Wednesday and shares stories of innovative leadership projects that have taken place in Duluth over the last 25 years since the first volume of The Will and the Way was released. The second volume was released on November 14, 2018.  Please read the excerpt below from the Duluth Leaders website.
This collection of community success stories captures the passion and initiative of community leadership in Duluth as they help continue Duluth’s remarkable transformation. Written fourteen years after the original, Volume II features 42 volunteer authors giving their first-hand account of the stories behind the projects that have made Duluth a premier national example of community revitalization. It’s not magic, as you’ll see in these pages, it takes confidence, hard work, and leaders who have The Will and show the Way!