This Week's Program: Mike Waldron and the 23rd Veteran Program
The mission of 23rd Veteran is to provide happier, healthier lives for veterans living with trauma.
23rd Veteran is a groundbreaking program working to help veterans adjust back to the civilian world. A nonprofit organization headquartered in Minnesota, 23rd Veteran has created a model which uses brain science, evolutional theory, positive trigger re-association, and positive psychology to assist veterans leaving the military and those who never properly transitioned. We also provide training to businesses and communities who want to create a more positive environment for our returning veterans.
Executive Director, Mike Waldron joined the Marine Corps as an Infantryman a week after high-school. In 2001 he spent 6 months in the Pacific Ocean where he experienced building schools in Indonesia, training on islands of Japan, and preparing for non-lethal extraction of a U.S. Ambassador.

In 2002 Mike was meritoriously promoted to a non-commissioned officer for his dedication and duties as a Marine. Afterward, he deployed to Kuwait as a show of force leading to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Mike and his unit were the first to cross the border in the initial invasion of Iraq, spending his 21st birthday securing enemy prisoners of war near Al-Bashara. He returned from combat after 8 months overseas and was honorably discharged into civilian life.

Following the Marine Corps, Mike obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, managed Federal Buildings and U.S. Courthouses throughout the Midwest, returned to Purdue to learn Entrepreneurship through EBV, and has found his life purpose in serving other veterans.

New Meeting Location Tomorrow - Valentini's!
Don't forget tomorrow - January 29th our club will be meeting at Valentini's Vicino Lago.
1400 London Rd, Duluth, MN 55805.
This Week's Duties: 1-29-2020
Rob Haglin
Barry Schull
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Rick Oase
Merry Wallin
5580 One Rotary Summit
District 5580 One Rotary Summit
Saturday, February 1, 2020
Holiday Inn- Duluth, MN
Join us at our District's One Rotary Summit, emphasizing how we as Rotarians and Rotaractors are Connected by Our Rotary Stories.  This summit emphasizes the relationship among Membership, Public Image, and Humanitarian Service through The Rotary Foundation and it is a unique and effective way to help club members understand and become truly engaged in the opportunities offered by Rotary and Rotaract.
Already attended in previous years?  This year's summit includes new material and, as always, the opportunity to collaborate with clubs and leaders from around our District.  You won't want to miss this!  
We would love to see at least 3 members from each club participate, so gather some of your Rotary friends and we will see you in Duluth or via webinar (contact the Assistant Governor in your area for more information on remote sessions).    
Register today!  
Weekly Attendance Report: 1-22-2020
50/50 Drawing19                 $903  
GuestsBohlman, Becca Speaker 
 Kurb, JonathanAndres Gonzalaz
Visiting RotariansMarkham, DanClub 25 
 McClellan, BobSuperior 40 
 Nolle, Dave Club 25 
 Riley, LarrySarasota Sunrise
Junior RotariansBruce, CarynHarbor City 
 Hren, JacksonEast 
 LaTour, PaytonEast 
 Rodberg, MadelynDenfeld 
 Nguyen, CarterHarbor City 
 Marshall, HunterHarbor City 
MakeupsKarl Everett1/6/20LSDBF Meeting
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 Karl Everett1/16/20LSDBF Meeting
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 Jinell Abernethy1/14/20Investment Club
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 Scott Fisher1/14/20Investment Club
Newest Members:Eddie Crawford, Jim Boileau, Andres Gonzalez
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Member Leaves:Kerry Leider  9/3/19-3/4/20  
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SAVE THE DATE - Dragon Boat Festival, August 21 & 22, 2020!
SAVE THE DATE - Dragon Boat Festival, August 21 & 22, 2020!
This event is our major fundraiser and we need all Harbortown Rotarians to help out with getting teams, sponsors, and volunteers to help with setting up, managing, and tear down for this event.  Set a goal to help us make the 2020 Dragon Boat Festival successful. To volunteer to help out for the event or a committee spot please contact me!
Karl Everett
LSDBF 2020 Co-Chair
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