This Week's Program: Luciana Viera on Serra dos Orgaos
This week's program is a full Zoom meeting again. Mary Durward's guest and program speaker is Luciana Viera.
Luciana lived with Mary for six months in 2003 and she now owns an English language school. She will be joining us from Teresopolis in the state of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil!
Luciana will be speaking about national park called Serra dos Orgaos located adjacent to her city.  It is one of the best examples of Atlantic rain forest in Brazil. 
Below are a few interesting facts about Serra dos Orgaos:
  • The origin of the unusual name is credited to early Portuguese settlers who thought the ensemble of the hill tops resembled the pipes of organs in European cathedrals.
  • The Serra dos Órgãos National Park was created on November 30, 1939 as the third national park in Brazil.
  • The park covers approximately 40.64 sq mi.
  • More than 2,800 species of plant have been recorded including 360 orchids and over 100 bromeliads.
  • The park is one of the few natural habitats of species of Schlumbergera, which were developed into the colorful "Thanksgiving Cactus" and "Christmas Cactus", widely grown as house plants.
Rotarians Respond to the Pandemic
The August 2020 issue of the Rotarian details a story of how Rotarians around the world have responded to the pandemic in their communities.

Click the issue link and scroll to page 16 for this moving story.
Feedback on In-Person Meeting
Hosting our first in-person meeting since the beginning of March was a little daunting but with President Jeremy Jeannette's leadership, and a little getting used to the Zoom technology, the meeting went off without a hitch!
We had about equal numbers in person as we did via Zoom and extra measures were taken by the Holiday Inn to insure that members and guests felt comfortable attending and could trust the guidelines that everyone was expected to follow. 
Thank you to Jan for facilitating the Zoom attendees, to our special guest, District Governor, Bob McLean and to all those Harbortown members who attended.
Thank you for staying with us through these transitions and we look forward to our next in-person/Zoom combo meeting and the upcoming service project that will take place during a scheduled meeting time.
This Week's Duties: 8-12-2020
This week's duties are as follows:
Invocation:  Mark Fredrickson
Greeters:  Jerry Kortismaki / Fred Rouse
Fellowship:  Greg Wegler
Program:  Mary Durward
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Harbortown Rotary 2020
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