This Week's Program: Chelly Townsend and Sustainability at the DECC
Chelly Townsend has worked at the DECC for over 29 years.  She joined the DECC in 1990, as Director of Food Service.   and later added the role of Director of Operations. IN 2017, when Director Dan Russel retired after 29 years, she became the Executive Director.
The DECC is committed to providing a multidimensional entertainment and convention facility with high-quality integrated support services that will maximize the economic and social benefit to our business community, our investors, our clients and our customers. The DECC operates its facility with the highest regard for environmental sustainability which Chelly will share with us tomorrow.  Just in 2017, after hosting over one million visitors, the DECC diverted over 87 tons of waste from the landfill!
"We accomplish our public mission with heart and soul and we’re committed to our sustainable model, which has evolved since 2003." ~Chelly Townsend
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Annual Harbortown Raffle Drawing: 4-8-2020
Are you selling your Harbortown Raffle tickets?!
Each member will be responsible for selling at least three raffle tickets at $100 each.
$  10,000.00
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Tickets will be drawn at our evening meeting on Wednesday, April 8 at Grandma's Saloon and Deli in Canal Park.
Contact Greg Goldman at for additional tickets.  Turn in your cash at the morning meetings.
SAVE THE DATE - Dragon Boat Festival, August 21 & 22, 2020!
SAVE THE DATE - Dragon Boat Festival, August 21 & 22, 2020!
This event is our major fundraiser and we need all Harbortown Rotarians to help out with getting teams, sponsors, and volunteers to help with setting up, managing, and tear down for this event.  Set a goal to help us make the 2020 Dragon Boat Festival successful. To volunteer to help out for the event or a committee spot please contact me!
Karl Everett
LSDBF 2020 Co-Chair
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