This Week's Meeting: Harbortown's First Virtual Session
Good day Rotarians!
After a few weeks of working from home and social distancing, the board has determined we will host our first ever Harbortown Rotary Wednesday meeting tomorrow - Wednesday Morning April 15th at 8:00 am via Zoom. (Please see link for invite below).
We hope each and every one of you can make the meeting and hear from the Board and myself on what's going on with the status of Harbortown Rotary during this time. If you haven't been in a Zoom meeting before you will need to sign up for free ahead of the meeting. You can either join via video conference from your computer, tablet or smart phone and/or call in to number provided.
When you do join the meeting I ask that you immediately mute your microphone so we don't get any unnecessary interference. If you have an announcement you would like to make please email me ahead of time and will call on you to make your announcement. If questions arise during the meeting you will be able to ask questions. Raise your hand or signal that you would like to speak and then you can un-mute your microphone.
I'm very excited to have some fun and see all your faces again even if it is just on my computer!
Yours in Rotary,
Max Holm
President Harbortown Rotary
Rotarians Responding to COVID-19

We know that disasters can devastate a community, leaving people in urgent need of medical care, housing, and other necessities. Unlike most natural disasters, the COVID-19 pandemic is having a global impact that affects all of us. Rotarians like you are people of action even in a time of crisis, and Rotary is uniquely prepared to help communities around the world. 

Clubs and districts can apply for Rotary disaster response grants to support COVID-19 relief efforts. These grants can be used to provide supplies and medical care and to support rebuilding efforts. 

The Rotary Foundation Trustees recently approved placing $1 million in our Disaster Response Fund to make these grants immediately available for applications related to COVID-19. To make sure these grants can remain available, we’re asking for personal contributions to the Disaster Response Fund. Your contribution will support grants that help Rotarians care for and protect people in their local communities and around the world. Make a gift to the Disaster Response Fund now.

Thank you for your dedication and service on behalf of Rotary.

Gary C.K. Huang
Chair, The Rotary Foundation 2019-20
Coffee Sales: Who Needs it Now More Than Ever?
During this time of confinement, I am sure that everyone is drinking more coffee than normal. 
Well the good news is we have LOTS of Rotary Blend coffee left to sell. 
Some more good news is that Jerry has most of it stored at London Road Rental Center, 1710 London Rd.  More good news yet, we are open. 
If you want coffee or need more coffee, you can get it anytime between 7:30-5 M-F and Saturday 7:30-12.  Just email Jerry ( or Jan ( so that we bill you for it.  
Update: Annual Harbortown Raffle Drawing
The Harbortown Cash Raffle drawing has been rescheduled to take place on the evening of the President's Dinner.
The event is currently scheduled for Wednesday, June 17, 2020 at Ridgeview Country Club. Please stay tuned for additional details.
Important: In order to limit 1:1 contact, please continue to hold onto your ticket stubs and raffle money and they will be collected at a later date. Please do not stop by Greg's office to drop items off.
Feel free to contact Greg Goldman at if you have other questions.
April 2020 Rotarian Available Online Now
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Harbortown News
For news, announcements, event promotion social media, media releases and more, please contact Charity Johnson ( or 218-788-7288). 
If you are hosting the program speaker, please copy Charity on the speaker's name, organization and email. If you are the chair of a Harbortown Committee, please update Charity on relevant information regarding grants and awards, meetings or news.   Charity will use this information to create more dynamic and engaging content to share with potential club members and on social media.
It is my goal to continue to share the good work that Harbortown Rotary is doing in our community, so your help and support is greatly appreciated!
Thank you!
Harbortown Rotary 2020
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile