Karl Everett has been in contact with Segundo from Mano a Mano to provide a Laguna Sulti well update:
"The ell drilling equipment is operating.  Prior to arriving in Chirusi, the drill equipment completed the flushing of the previously drilled well in Punata.  
Today, the photos show the drill has been leveled on site.  The staff and volunteers have two "fosas", small ponds, that are used to retain water. The second one retains the sludge that is coming out of the well being drilled.  
Our engineer estimates that we will reach good water at about 80 meters deep, based on our experience at Tajamar and Laguna Carmen.  Assuming that we will not have any delays from equipment breakdown, the Chirusi well should be completed within two weeks.    
Community residents of Chirusi are very excited that soon they will have water in their community thanks to the funding from Rotary and Mano a Mano.  Also, residents are very excited that they, for the first time in their lives, will be able to access water in their houses thanks to the piping installation that Mano a Mano will complete for each of 212 households of the community of Chirusi."
"Fosas" pond digging                                                                    Workers mixing and preparing bentonite
Photographs courtesy of Segundo Valesquez