There is no better time to remind ourselves of the good that Rotary International does, through our well-managed and effective Foundation, than in November, which is The Rotary Foundation Month. The current edition of The Rotarian lists the commendable contributions made by Rotarians in the past five years. Based on the article, Rotarians have given over $500,000,000 in Global Grants to support various projects in the Six Areas of Focus:
Basic Education & Literacy                                                    $  53,261,360
Community Economy Development                                      $  54,118,305
Disease Prevention & Treatment                                            $151,761,859
Maternal & Child Health                                                        $  35,233,163
Peace Building & Conflict Prevention                                   $ 18, 659,168
Water, Sanitation & Hygiene                                                 $100,657,464
During the same period, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has contributed matching funds to the End Polio Now Fund in the amount of $409,000,000.
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