You may have noticed some mail in your mailbox recently from the Duluth Public School System. Most likely it was information describing the referendum that will be included on the ballot this November.

Cathy Erickson, CFO and Director of Business Services will be our guest speaker as she walks us through the details of the upcoming referendum and why Duluth students are in need of your vote.

Cathy started at the district earlier this month after 13 years at the Arrowhead Regional Computing Consortium (ARCC) in Duluth where she provided training and support in school finance for 31 regional school districts. 

As Finance, Funding, and Management Specialist Cathy's responsibilities included training superintendents and business managers in the areas of General Education Revenue, Budgeting, Levy Certification, Referendums, Debt Service and Audit Support, among others. Cathy created a Revenue Simulation Model currently being used statewide. 

Cathy's experience also includes Adjunct Instructor for St. Mary’s University in the area of Education Administration and Business Manager for the Lake Superior School District where she managed the district budget and helped successfully pass a building bond referendum.

Cathy holds a Bachelor of Arts, Management from the College of St. Scholastica and is a member of the Minnesota Association of School Business Managers.